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10 Amazing Blogs Every Event Professional Should Follow

Whether you’re a brand new event professional or a veteran, staying informed and up to date is critical. Blogs are a great resource to learn about new technologies, strategies, and ideas coming from all kinds of people and organizations with interesting perspectives. Luckily for us, there are a bunch of amazing blogs which do a great job talking about everything relevant in our industry. We highly recommend you bookmark them, subscribe to their newsletters, and follow them on Twitter and Facebook. Oh, and it’s no coincidence that you’re already reading this post on one of the most popular event blogs out there ūüėČ

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4 Steps: Unique Event Marketing with 1-Minute Soundbites

At PheedLoop, we get to observe and participate in much of the event planning process of our amazing customers. In particular, the intense event marketing efforts. And if you’re into event marketing, you know how difficult it is to stand out. We’re obsessed with podcasts, so we recently came up with a simple little idea to help our event planners produce unique pre-event content which we’re sure will create lots of social media hype and drum up interest around your big show. 1-minute soundbites!

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3 Steps to Help Event Planners Hire Remote Employees

Planning an event or conference is no easy task and depending on the scale, it usually requires a team effort. A tool like PheedLoop can play a major supportive role, but there are often countless tedious and unavoidable administrative tasks you just have to plow through.  From updating web pages and data entry to e-mail marketing and social media, you should try to delegate as many of these types of tasks as possible, allowing you and your local team to focus on more important work.

We believe these sorts of tasks are a perfect fit for remotely managed employees. They’re easy to find, extremely affordable to hire ($5-10 USD/hour), and often quite hard working. We’ll share some tips¬†and some of our own experiences working with remote employees in this post!

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Planning an Event? Try Our Do What You Can’t Challenge!

Here’s a little dose of inspiration (plus a simple challenge) from Team PheedLoop for all the amazing event and conference planners out there!

If you’re a veteran planner, chances are you’ve found your groove and niche. You organize many events¬†and have several key elements of the process worked out, almost to perfection. This is definitely an¬†accomplishment! Whether you’re running a business or planning an event (or both), reaching that elusive cruising altitude is really hard. But here’s the thing, people’s interests and expectations are constantly evolving and if you don’t even try to innovate, then brace yourself for impending turbulence. Inspired by¬†this YouTube video, we think it might be awesome if you¬†do what you can’t next time you plan an event.

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Sell More Tickets by Using a Live Chat Widget on Your Event’s Website

After working with countless events and conferences, the only thing our customers seem to like better than our product itself is our customer service. We invest a lot in creating an amazing customer service experience at PheedLoop, and a live chat widget is one of our most effective tools. Strangely, none of the events we work with leverage live chatting on their own websites, which is why we’d like to make the case for why live chatting is an amazing way for any event to not only provide a better experience for attendees¬†but also sell more tickets, faster. We’ll also recommend a few live chat services which we’ve used ourselves.

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3 Reasons Why Event Marketing Isn’t a Proxy for Quality

At PheedLoop we have the privilege of not only observing, but playing a central role in the execution of many events. We’ve seen that technology is one piece of the puzzle of a successful event, but it doesn’t guarantee success. Platforms like PheedLoop help with management and engagement quite a bit, and support marketing efforts too, but the onus is really on the event planner to market their event appropriately¬†and use technology to its fullest potential. Problems arise when marketing is taken too far.

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The Most Effective Way to Engage Attendees with Live Polls

Live polls are a fairly standard (and awesome) feature found in most event and conference apps out there, including the conference app that’s part of PheedLoop’s technology stack. But there’s only one problem … often times attendees just don’t participate! And it’s a real bummer when that happens because of all the prep and excitement that goes on behind getting attendees to buy-in to the interactive and overall app experience. After observing¬†countless conferences powered by PheedLoop, we’ve discovered the single most effective strategy that doubles to quadruples attendee engagement with live polls in general.

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5 Ways to Super Charge Attendee Conference Badges

You’re sheepishly walking around at a conference, scouting for an interesting person to chat with. You notice someone and approach them to say “hello”, and as you shake their hand you cleverly glance at their conference badge in an attempt to take a mental note of their name, company, and role. We all do it. But what can an event organizer do to make this interaction more meaningful, make conference badges more useful – and maybe even fun and rewarding?

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3 Reasons Why Event Tech Must Involve Sponsors Too

When we started PheedLoop, we were laser focused on creating a unique experience for speakers. But we recently re-discovered a group that we’ve paid little attention to – sponsors. We only really allowed for¬†some space to paste in logos before recently launching our registration portal for sponsors. We have a much bigger vision though and we’re working on it, but here are 3 reasons why we feel players in the event technology industry need to do a better job involving sponsors.

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