PheedLoop started out years ago as a simple tool to help presenters at conferences get better feedback from their audiences. We felt so excited when a company we had never heard of, BrightCarbon, wrote up a little blog post about us. Clearly, both PheedLoop and BrightCarbon have grown a lot since then, but we have been passively following their blog, content, social media chats, and more ever since. In this post, we’ll share some neat presentation tips straight from BrightCarbon, and tell you why we love what they do!

BrightCarbon’s review of PheedLoop, back in 2014

BrightCarbon is a UK based presentation design agency, focusing on everything from visual storytelling through presentations, to teaching and implementing the most amazing PowerPoint and Keynote skills you may have ever seen. For anyone looking for such a service, we’re sure you’d be in great hands at BrightCarbon. But even if you’re not looking to invest in a presentation design agency just yet, you’ll definitely want to start following their stuff to pick up some incredible tips and pointers to take your presentations to a whole new level. Let’s have a look at some of the amazing free resources BrightCarbon has to offer.

1. PowerPoint Tips & Tricks

If you’re preparing a presentation, there’s a good chance you’ll be using PowerPoint to put it together visually. BrightCarbon offers loads of helpful tips and tricks when it comes to PowerPoint, from technical how-tos to design and animation tutorials. For example, you can request a download for a PDF document covering 10 slick tips about everything from charts to triggers.

2. Templates and Freebies

Who doesn’t like free stuff? Not us! BrightCarbon offers a couple of free gadgets and gizmos which you can add to your presentation arsenal, allowing you to really stand out when it’s time to hit the stage. Something we’ve installed of theirs is their handy quick access toolbar for PowerPoint, which you can download here.

3. Presentation Skills

It’s always a good idea to refine your presentation skills once you’ve got the basics down, and that’s what BrightCarbon’s presentation skills resources are designed to help you with. For example, we absolutely love software shortcuts, and they offer a nifty list of PowerPoint keyboard shortcuts which you can use to become a self-made PowerPoint wizard.

4. The Blog

We absolutely love BrightCarbon’s blog, because you’ll see posts discussing presentations from all sorts of new and creative angles. You’ll get a fresh perspective on what it means to be a presenter, or just how to be a better one. A good example is their most recent post discussing PowerPoint presentations and dyslexia, something which most of us have probably never even thought about. Some of our other most recent favorites include avoiding stock image clichés in corporate presentations and the power of gamification.

That’s our quick summary of a few reasons why we love BrightCarbon, and why you should check them out too! We follow them on Twitter and enjoy following their posts and chats, so be sure to show them some love there too.