You’re sheepishly walking around at a conference, scouting for an interesting person to chat with. You notice someone and approach them to say “hello”, and as you shake their hand you cleverly glance at their conference badge in an attempt to take a mental note of their name, company, and role. We all do it. But what can an event organizer do to make this interaction more meaningful, make conference badges more useful – and maybe even fun and rewarding?

We asked ourselves this exact question and, you guessed it … we’re launching our own conference badge integration soon with most of these features built-in. So we thought we’d share the top 5 ways we came up with to super charge conference badges, hoping to inspire event tech companies and event planners alike!

1. Allow Attendees to Have Some Design and Content Input

Conference and event management platforms like PheedLoop typically allow attendees to build and edit their own digital profiles, but why not allow them to influence their physical profile too? Colors, logos, and themes to allow for personalization, to ensuring their name and other details appear exactly the way they’d like – all before sending the badges off for printing. This also gives attendees a little something else to look forward to upon arrival.

2. Use the Badge as a Portal to More Information and Networking

We’re sure you’ve seen badges with QR codes and all stamped on them. It’s super fun to lift up someone’s badge, scan it, and watch your screen light up with lots of information. Use badges as a bridge between the initial physical interaction between attendees and a possible future digital one. Not only can attendees “save” each other in this way, but also instantly schedule quick meetings, start a digital chat conversation, and take notes.

3. Gamify the Experience to Make Badges Exciting and Rewarding, and Encourage Networking

Why not make exchanging information fun? It really doesn’t have to be harder than playing a little bit of Pokemon with your attendees – i.e. attendees have to punch in little anonymous codes on each other’s badges indicating how many people they’ve interacted with. The top scorers could win prizes and bragging rights. You could even have rapid networking sessions scattered throughout your event supported by this gamified experience.

4. Add Creative Ice Breaker Questions to Start Fun Conversations

This really depends on the type of event or conference you’re hosting. If it’s anything sales or marketing related, starting conversations shouldn’t be a problem for attendees. Enter the tech and startup world and sometimes it’s not so easy – so why not give attendees a little nudge? Print off a silly or informative ice breaker question on each conference badge to do just that!

5. Lead Generation for Sponsors and Exhibitors

Sponsors and exhibitors are at your event for one reason, usually. To sell. They want premium access to potential customers and find your event to be a great way to market their product, service, or organization. Conference badges are a way for sponsors and exhibitors to figure out who stopped by or said “hi”. Maybe they scan the QR code or punch in the game code. But generating leads this way would be a huge return on investment for sponsors and exhibitors and a big reason for them to support your event. Just be weary that some attendees may not want to share this information.

So those are our 5 top ways to super charge conference badges! We hope they’ve inspired you to re-think the way you design badges, whether you use PheedLoop or any other service out there to create your badges. We’ll be launching these badge related features in the coming weeks though, so stay tuned!