At PheedLoop, we get to observe and participate in much of the event planning process of our amazing customers. In particular, the intense event marketing efforts. And if you’re into event marketing, you know how difficult it is to stand out. We’re obsessed with podcasts, so we recently came up with a simple little idea to help our event planners produce unique pre-event content which we’re sure will create lots of social media hype and drum up interest around your big show. 1-minute soundbites!

These soundbites can be anything, from exciting updates about your event to mini-interviews with your speakers. We know you’re super busy, but don’t duck and head for the trenches just yet. We’re only asking you to produce one-minute long audio posts. Here are 4 steps you can follow to produce and share your first soundbite within minutes!

1. Choose Something to Talk About

Keep reminding yourself that you’re trying to keep the length of these soundbites to roughly one minute. So what are some things you can talk about in a minute?

Our best suggestion is to let someone else do the talking! Choose someone interesting to interview like a speaker, sponsor, or exhibitor.

Interviewing someone relevant to the event will give listeners a sense of who and what they might experience at your event. Plus you’ll be promoting the interviewee and accomplishing event marketing at the same time.

2. Record the Interview

Again, keep things simple to start. Don’t worry about using any professional hardware, just hop on to a Skype call. We suggest installing MP3 Skype Recorder to record your calls. Try to keep the recording itself as close as possible to one-minute long to minimize (or completely skip over) any editing. If you need to edit your soundbite, we suggest using Audacity.

Structure the soundbite something like this: 20 seconds about the interviewee + 30 seconds for your interesting question + 10 seconds for your awesome call to action (this is key, event marketing is the whole point of this effort). It’ll take some practice to become this concise, but after a few tries, you’ll get close enough!

3. Upload and Share the Soundbite

Since you’re uploading short bits of audio, we think your best and quickest way to accomplish this is using Soundcloud. We’re huge fans of Soundcloud ourselves. You’ll get 180 free upload minutes which should be more than sufficient, plus Soundcloud is really nicely integrated with just about every social media platform. So when you share your soundbite on Twitter, for example, it’ll show up like this in feeds …

Pretty neat eh? If you add a nice bit of art to your account (most likely your event’s logo, or maybe a picture of the person you’re interviewing with a watermarked logo) your posts will really stand out in social media streams.  Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, etc. You should also embed Soundcloud posts directly into your websites (as we did below), and share links to them in your newsletters.

4. Be Regular

The key to succeeding at anything is never giving up, and always showing up. Our challenge to you is to commit yourself to 10 soundbites. Choose one day and time of the week, and every week for 10 weeks release a soundbite. We know you’ve already got so much on your plate but just trust us on this one. There’s nothing like a unique bit of content, and this is only one minute long. That doesn’t mean it’ll be recorded, uploaded, and shared in one minute. We expect your first one to take at least an hour from recording to sharing. But after you find your rhythm, that should drop to 15-20 minutes. A small investment, for a permanent, unique, and easy to share bit of content. And don’t stop re-sharing previously recorded soundbites! If you’re insanely ROI focused from the get-go, try to focus on interviewing sponsors only and advertise soundbite interviews as a perk for them.

Whether you’ve decided to take on this challenge or not doesn’t matter as much as your focus on trying to innovate. When was the last time you saw an event marketing itself through regular audio snippets? Probably never. Maybe because it’s a terrible idea, or maybe because no one else has caught on to the trend yet. Try to find similar niches, and exploit them. Be noisy and disruptive, and someone will definitely hear you 🙂

Oh, and if you do start recording sound bites, please don’t forget to share them with us! Good luck!