10 Amazing Blogs Every Event Professional Should Follow

Whether you’re a brand new event professional or a veteran, staying informed and up to date is critical. Blogs are a great resource to learn about new technologies, strategies, and ideas coming from all kinds of people and organizations with interesting perspectives. Luckily for us, there are a bunch of amazing blogs which do a great job talking about everything relevant in our industry. We highly recommend you bookmark them, subscribe to their newsletters, and follow them on Twitter and Facebook. Oh, and it’s no coincidence that you’re already reading this post on one of the most popular event blogs out there šŸ˜‰

1. Event Manager Blog

Without question, the Event Manager Blog offers a wealth of incredibly high-quality event related content talking about everything from life as an event planner to the latest in event technologies. Event Manager Blog isn’t only a blog, though. They publish tutorials and courses, awesome videos, and the extremely popular Event App Bible. AndĀ Julius Solaris (Event MB’s editor) is a really great guy. We chat with him often and evenĀ met him in person at IMEX in Las Vegas!

2. BizBash

BizBash is probably the industry’s leader when it comes to talking about the latest ideas and trends in events and meetings. Still, BizBash isn’t just a news and education site. You can think of BizBash as a gigantic repository of all the best event related services, venues, and organizations. BizBash does a great job connecting event service vendors/suppliers with the right customers. David Adler is the founder and CEO of the company, and also incredibly influential in the industry.

3. Event Marketer

Event Marketer is a solid resource you should keep tabs on, because not only do they publish great digital content (largely focused on the marketing side of events), but they also produce their famous Event Marketer magazine and an array of awesome conferences and award shows for the events industry. We sure hope to be a part of their EventTech Technology Conference in the near future! Check out some of their detailed white papers, and depending on how aggressively you would like to keep track of important event related news, consider one of their subscription options.

4. Event Farm Blog

PheedLoop and Event Farm compete as businesses in some areas, but we can’t help but promote their amazing blog. Unlike the first three we mentioned, Event Farm isn’t a content producer first. Yet, we find their posts to be unique, well-written, and worth sharing with our own customers. They publish very often, invite many guest posts, and we love reading their Q&A themed entries. Follow Event Farm on Twitter, subscribe to their newsletter, and show them some love!

5. Event Industry News

Event Industry News (EIN) seems a lot like BizBash to us (or vice-versa), except it’s a UK based version. So if you’re an event professional based in the UK, you’ll find their content especially relevant. EIN is almost always the first to write about the most important event industry news, and they also run a neat podcast which we love listening to. EIN has a very large audience, so if you’re considering promoting your event services, their platform is definitely worth considering to advertise your brand on. Adam Parry is the editor, and his leadership branches off into many other industry related events (like Event Tech Live). We follow him closely on Twitter, and you should too!

6. Endless Events

Endless Events is an awesome U.S. based event production company. We’ve been following their posts and content for the past two years, and absolutely love everything they put out. A lot of their posts, as you might imagine, are focused on the event production side of things. So if you’re the one directly involved in the logistics and production of your event, Endless Events should be at the top of your list. Will Curran is the founder and “Chief Event Einstein” at Endless, and a super cool guy who … you guessed it … we love interacting with on Twitter!

7. Congrex Switzerland

There’s a good chance that if there’s one blog on our list here which you haven’t heard of, it’s Congrex’s. And that’s a real shame! We only recently learned about the organization as well via Twitter, and instantly became fans. Congrex is laser focused on conferences specifically, exactly the way we are here at PheedLoop – which is why we find their posts extremely relevant. Their posts are very practical bits of advice related to any and every dimension of the conference experience. So if you’re organizing, speaking at, or even just attending a conference, be sure to subscribe to their newsletter because it’s packed with great content.

8. Diary of an #Eventprof

Diary of an #Eventprof is an awesome and genuine blog by Helen Moon (what a cool name, eh), a veteran event professional.Ā Her posts don’t read like many of the larger and more faceless corporate blogs out there (which, of course, have their own benefits). Helen’s personal touch and experience add a refreshing dimension to her posts. We especially recommend her blog to aspiring event professionals looking to learn from a successful and inspiring individual.

9. EventMobi

EventMobi is among the biggest and greatest event app companies out there – we’re huge fans. We’ve met the amazing founders multiple times, and EventMobi operates out of an office just down the street from us! Their blog is one of theĀ most diverse and detailed ones out there, and when we dug a little deeper we realized it’s offered in multiple languages as well! They even detect where you’re reading their blog from, and deliver posts specifically written for your region in your language. Now that’s really going above and beyond!

10. TechsyTalk

TechsyTalk is a bit different from all the other websites and blogs we’ve mentioned so far, and we love itĀ because it’s different. TechsyTalk is largely a reflection of the business (and businesswoman) behind it all: Liz King from Liz King Events based in New York City. Liz King Events works to bridge the gap between event technologies, and the events which can benefit from them. Which is why you’ll notice a bit more of an event technology theme to their blog, and also their great little podcast (TechsyTalk Unscripted). Though, the website is a little incomplete and patchy, so we hope that improves in the future. Otherwise, Liz’s content is top-notch! Oh, and be sure to follow her on Twitter.

That’s our roundup! Be sure to check out some of these amazing blogs and websites, and please let us know if we missed any other great ones.



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  1. You should check out INSPIR3 – the ultimate event management blog powered by award winning global events agency emc3: http://blog.emc3.eu/

    • Thanks for the tip Josh, your site looks great! We’ll definitely follow you all, and consider you for our next event blog roundup.

  2. Great list, thanks! I might also suggest the G2Planet blog (https://www.g2planet.com/blog) which does an excellent job covering topics like the use of big data in event planning/marketing and managing large enterprise events.

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