After working with countless events and conferences, the only thing our customers seem to like better than our product itself is our customer service. We invest a lot in creating an amazing customer service experience at PheedLoop, and a live chat widget is one of our most effective tools. Strangely, none of the events we work with leverage live chatting on their own websites, which is why we’d like to make the case for why live chatting is an amazing way for any event to not only provide a better experience for attendees but also sell more tickets, faster. We’ll also recommend a few live chat services which we’ve used ourselves.

1. Answer Questions Immediately

The most obvious point. Instant support is a huge benefit and will never go unappreciated by customers (or in your case, attendees). You may be concerned, thinking that it’s not always possible for you to be online and available. No need to worry, most live chat widgets notify you via e-mail if you missed a chat message and allow you to follow up with the chat request later. Some chat widgets even come with bots and canned responses, which allow you to automatically address common questions. Finally, you should choose a chat widget which offers a companion mobile app. This allows you to respond to queries anytime, just like you would respond to an SMS or IM on your phone.

2. Generate Leads and Track Activity

Many live chat systems also have mini CRM components built-in or integrate with some of the most popular ones out there. This allows you to keep a record of who you had a conversation with and about what, and gives context to future conversations. You’re also often able to see what page they’re looking at and can respond accordingly. So if they’re looking at your tickets/pricing page, you know they’re likely contemplating buying a ticket. You can also set a page-aware auto-trigger in the chat widget to send a visitor a canned message, or if you’re already in conversation, try to close the deal.

3. Creating a Human Experience

There’s no substitute for a more personal, human experience. We’re living in an era of robots, artificial intelligence, bots, etc. but there’s a special feeling one gets when they know there’s a real human on the other side of the wire. A live chat widget will allow you to provide that additional layer of confidence and comfort to a potential attendee, and give you the opportunity to hype them up a bit! Plus, who doesn’t like chatting?

Live Chat Service Recommendations

Have we convinced you to at least give live chat a try? If so, then here’s a quick list of a few platforms which we’ve tested extensively at one point or another, all of which we’ve had great experiences with.

  1. Drift: We currently use Drift, and highly recommend it! We just wish the notification sound could be customized for the mobile app.
  2. Intercom: An extremely popular option these days. A bit pricey, but bursting with features, integrations, and more. The mobile app, however, leaves a lot to be desired.
  3. Zoho Sales IQ: As with all of Zoho’s products, the product looks and feels a bit dated. A good range of features, and great analytics to boot. Their mobile app is surprisingly good though.
  4. PureChat: The very first service we started off with and loved it! It’s relatively new to the live chat scene, but if you’re looking for a low-cost option PureChat is worth a look.
  5. Zopim: We were with Zopim for quite some time, but after their merger with Zendesk things seem have tapered off a bit on the mobile app side with delayed notifications and an issue with the widget showing us as online unless we sign out from the system on every device manually. Things may be better now, but we’d recommend the first four, first.

So there you have it, let us know if you integrate live chatting into your event’s website!