The Most Effective Way to Engage Attendees with Live Polls

Live polls are a fairly standard (and awesome) feature found in most event and conference apps out there, including the conference app that’s part of PheedLoop’s technology stack. But there’s only one problem … often times attendees just don’t participate! And it’s a real bummer when that happens because of all the prep and excitement that goes on behind getting attendees to buy-in to the interactive and overall app experience. After observing countless conferences powered by PheedLoop, we’ve discovered the single most effective strategy that doubles to quadruples attendee engagement with live polls in general.

Ready for it? This might sound really hard to do … (just kidding)

Run a quick demo live poll for your entire crowd of attendees at the top of the conference. That’s it!

Whether it’s during the keynote, or even before that when the emcee is introducing things, running a live poll for everyone achieves a few really important results.

  1. Everyone understands how the technology you’re using at your conference works, and they’re excited to use it again during the upcoming sessions.
  2. It wakes everyone up! A few moments after you start the poll, you’ll start hearing the room grow louder with excitement as the results start rolling in, people scramble to cast their vote, etc. The energy in the room increases substantially, especially important for early morning starts.
  3. You get a chance to be silly or creative and put everyone in a good mood. The demonstration live poll doesn’t have to be something serious or even related to the conference, it could be as simple as what everyone’s favorite ice cream flavor is!
  4. People who haven’t acquired your app because they’re too lazy (or too cool) now feel compelled to do so as they see others around them having fun and participating. It’s just a natural reaction.

That’s really it! We absolutely love watching speakers and attendees engage with live polls, so be sure to use this simple tip to make sure you maximize engagement. Let us know if you have any other cool tricks.


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  1. I like the way how you’ve started the blog by concentrating on the real problem. Points were quite good as well. Would be looking forward to more resources on event tech. 🙂

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