Here’s a little dose of inspiration (plus a simple challenge) from Team PheedLoop for all the amazing event and conference planners out there!

If you’re a veteran planner, chances are you’ve found your groove and niche. You organize many events and have several key elements of the process worked out, almost to perfection. This is definitely an accomplishment! Whether you’re running a business or planning an event (or both), reaching that elusive cruising altitude is really hard. But here’s the thing, people’s interests and expectations are constantly evolving and if you don’t even try to innovate, then brace yourself for impending turbulence. Inspired by this YouTube video, we think it might be awesome if you do what you can’t next time you plan an event.

What do we mean by this? In a nutshell, we are suggesting to try something new. Take a small risk with a big new idea, and ratchet your way up year after year. Again, it doesn’t have to be a big risk – you don’t have to center the entire event experience around it. But add a dash of creativity and experimentation to your next event.

Maybe try a new creative marketing tactic, design change, session format, innovative technology, anything at all! Just keep trying new things, and most importantly, ask for feedback from attendees.

Make attendees a part of your innovation and experimentation so that they have a vested interest in seeing it succeed – if not this time, then the next. By doing what you can’t (or think you can’t), you’re breaking old limits and creating new frontiers to strive for. It’ll keep you motivated and excited, and keep you in the game longer. There will always be something new for everyone involved to look forward to, and new lessons to learn from. As long as you’re humble and welcome criticism, we can guarantee that there will be no downside to igniting that nascent creative spark within you. Finally, embrace any and all failures. View them as opportunities to try again.

So here’s our simple challenge to you. Next time you plan an event, pick just one new and creative idea (doesn’t have to be big) and do your best to integrate it into your event experience.