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The Most Effective Way to Engage Attendees with Live Polls

Live polls are a fairly standard (and awesome) feature found in most event and conference apps out there, including the conference app that’s part of PheedLoop’s technology stack. But there’s only one problem … often times attendees just don’t participate! And it’s a real bummer when that happens because of all the prep and excitement that goes on behind getting attendees to buy-in to the interactive and overall app experience. After observing┬ácountless conferences powered by PheedLoop, we’ve discovered the single most effective strategy that doubles to quadruples attendee engagement with live polls in general.

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5 Ways to Super Charge Attendee Conference Badges

You’re sheepishly walking around at a conference, scouting for an interesting person to chat with. You notice someone and approach them to say “hello”, and as you shake their hand you cleverly glance at their conference badge in an attempt to take a mental note of their name, company, and role. We all do it. But what can an event organizer do to make this interaction more meaningful, make conference badges more useful – and maybe even fun and rewarding?

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3 Reasons Why Event Tech Must Involve Sponsors Too

When we started PheedLoop, we were laser focused on creating a unique experience for speakers. But we recently re-discovered a group that we’ve paid little attention to – sponsors. We only really allowed for┬ásome space to paste in logos before recently launching our registration portal for sponsors. We have a much bigger vision though and we’re working on it, but here are 3 reasons why we feel players in the event technology industry need to do a better job involving sponsors.

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