When we started PheedLoop, we were laser focused on creating a unique experience for speakers. But we recently re-discovered a group that we’ve paid little attention to – sponsors. We only really allowed for some space to paste in logos before recently launching our registration portal for sponsors. We have a much bigger vision though and we’re working on it, but here are 3 reasons why we feel players in the event technology industry need to do a better job involving sponsors.

1. Event Technology Has the Power to Engage Sponsors Before and After the Event Too

Before event apps and management platforms were ever a thing, sponsors would really only engage with their target audience (the event attendees) on the day(s) of the event itself – banners, swag, on-stage shout-outs, etc. But event technology platforms now provide a multitude of touch points for attendees for months before and after the event. Examples of ways to involve sponsors beyond just the days of an event include sponsored incentive driven engagement features for attendees, direct control of how they’d like their social media shout-outs to be crafted and scheduled, plug-ins in attendee registration/on-boarding, and priority/ongoing access to attendee related information.

2. Event Technology Allows Us to Invest in the “Customers” of Our Customers

There’s no hiding the fact that we event technology providers need customers (i.e. event and conference planners) to survive as a business, and sponsors are essentially one of the key “customers” of our customers. So not only should we build unique sponsor specific features for event planners because it’s awesome, but also because it significantly improves the return on investment for event planners investing in our technology, and in turn the return on investment for sponsors investing in the event. Everyone wins!

3. Use Event Technology to Build Excitement and Start Conversations Around Sponsors

Often times sponsors at events are seen as something attendees just have to navigate through. There’s an impression that they’re just there to sell their product or service, hand out free pens and branded mints, and set up large booths in the middle of hallways. But what if visiting sponsors was something attendees could look forward to? What if your event technology was a way for attendees to influence what they want to see, hear, and receive from sponsors. What if your technology created a way for sponsors to communicate in a non “salesy” way with their target audience before the event to build a nicer relationship? What if …

So those are our top 3 reasons why (and how) event technology might benefit from engaging sponsors. We have lots of work to do, but rest assured, we’re on it!